Zeepay is one of the fastest growing mobile financial services company, specialising in digital termination of remittances into mobile wallets globally. Zeepay supports over 600 corridors globally directly into Africa with a presence in Ghana and United Kingdom. Zeepay is regulated by both the FCA – UK under PSD2 and Bank of Ghana under Branchless Banking. With financial inclusion as a core of operations, Zeepay is driving last mile access for receivers of remittances by creating distribution while leveraging existing agent networks.

Zeepay focuses on facilitating the processing of multiple mobile money payment transactions. It operates as an aggregator, integrating all types of payment platforms, banks, merchants, Mobile Network Operators, and other companies with subscriber-based transactions into one single platform. The platform accepts mobile money wallets, debit and loyalty cards, as well as cash at the point of sale, and operates as a store house for holding cash through mobile wallets for members.  

The focus of Zeepay’s RGF funded project is to increase first and last mile access, promote the use of formal remittance channels as well as faster remittances. For more details please visit the company's website: http://www.myzeepay.com/